Hair Dye Color Wax

Hair Dye Color Wax

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Get some color into your life with the Temporary Hair Color Dye Wax!

If you are looking for a little pizzazz, a little sparkle, a few stuff to brighten up the event day, this temporary hair color wax is just the right thing for you.

It can be washed easily, strong and no damage hair, no stickiness, makes your hair glossy, and unique.


  • This hair dye color wax gives a natural Look:
    • It lends natural color since its a dull coat of its application is on the hair’s natural shade.
  • Super Easy to use:
    • The hair dye is ready to be used and doesn't need to be mixed with a developer. It can be used straight from the box.
  • It Maintains your Hair Quality. Since it is made with safe, natural ingredients, it causes no damage to the hair.
  • Great for Experimenting:
    • Individuals that love playing with hair colors and would like to try out with their hair are able to change hair colors any time, and try out varied styles and shades.
  • Makes the Hair appear Thick:
    • With the application of an extra layer of color, the overall quality and quantity of the hair improved when you use hair dye color wax.



  1. Wash the hair thoroughly and dry it up to 80%. Can be used on slightly damp or blown dry hair.
  2. Section the hair into parts.
  3. Using your finger, take a chunk of your hair dye color wax and spread it a bit over the palms.
  4. Apply that on the area of the hair which you want to dye. Start from the scalp and work the product to the ends of your hair, repeat many times and work it in different angles making sure that you cover the area evenly.
  5. You can distinguish the section with white highlights or apply the product to the entire hair.
  6. Apply as much product as needed to get the desired effect and look. Bear in mind that it has a strong hold!
  7. Leave for 5-10 minutes.
  8. Wash off easily with shampoo and allow the hair to dry.



  • Avoid getting the dye in contact with eyes.
  • For external use only.
  • If you put too much of the product in your hair, it will get hard. In this case, add a small amount of water to it and brush out the extra.



  • Made from natural and safe herbal ingredients, hair dye color wax is a 100% top quality and reliable to use a product that will offer you the satisfaction that you so much desire.
  • This hair dye color wax is a unisex hairstyle cream which will provide you with Purple bleached looking hair, instantly, without any bleach used and causes no side effects to the hair.
  • What's in it? A blend of great unusual ingredients which include water, carnauba waxbeeswax white, Cetearyl alcohol,licorice&glycyrrhiza uralensis extract, tea extract, stearic acid, PVP/VA propionate copolymer, Castor oil, ethoxylated, titanium oxide.
  • The Purple Hair Wax permits you to color and style your hair at the same time
  • Easy to color, easy to wash, strong, and without stickiness
  • Dyes hair instantly. Great solution for individuals who like dying their hair with a variety of colors.
  • Excellent for Daily use, Parties, festivals, Stag & Hen, Clubbing, Events, Raves, Fancy dress, Halloween, etc.



  • Durable
  • Glows gorgeously
  • Hair Nourishing
  • Immediate Dyeing
  • Best for a pop of color and to improve ashy and gray hair.
  • Works best on dark hair, brownish, black, as well as blonde hair.
  • Easy to dye, firm and no damage, easy to wash, nonsticky.
  • Great fragrance, with a medium hold, starts fairly wet and goes matte and sets immediately.
  • This Hair Dye Color Wax is a temporary, moisturizing, colored, and stronghold edge control gel.
  • Designed for colorful fashion hairstyling, curly to oily hair that goes down the hairline. Adds nourishment, brilliant brightness and long-lasting firm hold for any hairstyle



  • For boys' with short hair, 1 box can be used up to 3 times normally;
  • For girls' with short hair, 1 box can be used up to 2 times normally;
  • For girls' with mid-length hair, 1 box can be used only once.
  • For long hair, it is advised that you get at least 2 boxes for one time use for effective results.



How Does It Work?

  1. Application to the hair shaft is only but a temporary coating on the hair’s outer cuticle.
  2. Application with no developer, it will begin to fade after 1 or 2 washes, depending on porosity of the hair.

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