Real Mink Lashes - Reusable

Real Mink Lashes - Reusable

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Eyelash artists, look no further than real mink eyelashes of the highest quality. 

We believe it is essential to offer an option to our technicians and their customers. Our eyelashes in Siberia are 100% real mink for a flexible and extravagant eyelash experience. 

These individual eyelash extensions are available in traditional trays as well as in smaller 6-row trays for technicians requiring fewer lashes. 

Our trays of different lengths are also famous for creating realistic extensions without having to buy a full plate of each range.

Real Mink eyelashes are handmade with 100% pure mink leather that creates the natural look of luxury. Perfect your eyes with a natural look. 

These fascinating high fashion mink lashes are very realistic, elegant and attractive. 

They make you think you were born with naturally perfect false eyelashes. 

The Real Mink lashes refer to the hairs that grow from live mink.


« Real mink hair is more healthful to your original eyelashes.

« Gently brushes & harvested cruelty-free Siberian Mink Hair.

« Ultra-soft, light as the feather with a thicker black finish

« They are designed to create a glamorous and thick look.

« They are sterilized by ultraviolet rays, 100% disinfectant and safe.

« 100% Siberian mink fur

« They are made of 100% high-quality Siberian mink fur, similar to natural eyelashes, soft and light. The black stripe can keep the curls perfect all the time. The eyeliner effect allows you to enlarge the eyes automatically. Suitable for everyday use and on special occasions.


The most complete and the most mellow fashion. Create a perfect layered effect in 3D, perfectly combining your natural eyelashes, eyelashes of choice for the ferocious beasts of beauty who wish to play the best possible game for the eyes.


A tremulo of 3D mink designed with a spectacular length and volume that gradually increase from the inside corner to the outside for a surprising finish. Suitable for parties or professional applications such as weddings, events, photo sessions, night use.

« Clear band VS black band

Transparent band: super soft, no load and more comfortable to use. Look natural, suitable for nude makeup and everyday use.

Black Band: keep the perfect curls all the time. The eyeliner effect allows you to enlarge the eyes automatically. Suitable for everyday use and on special occasions.


  1. Remove the  eyelashes and cut them to the length of your eyes.

  2. Use both hands to adjust the real mink eyelashes to the curve of your eyes.

  3. Carefully apply the glue on the main stem of the eyelashes.

  4. Wait a few minutes for the glue to dry until the adhesive is almost transparent. This is the perfect time to apply lashes on the eyelids.

  5. Close your eyes as you see fit and make sure they are correctly adjusted by blinking.

  6. See the perfect and bright eyes.

Removal And Care:

  • To remove hold lashes on the outer edge and gently peel off

  • Remove lashes before sleeping

  • If these lashes are cared for and stored well, they can be used again and again

Real mink eyelashes are handmade with 100% pure mink leather. The use of these lashes adds volume and fullness while maintaining a natural and beautiful appearance.


ü  The real natural mink lashes can be heated and rolled up.

ü  Create a very natural look

ü  It easily adheres to the client's eyelashes.


Ø  Do not hold your buckle when using real mink eyelashes

Ø  Less thick than synthetic mink eyelashes.

Ø  Less consistent in loops than synthetic mink eyelashes


v HIGH-QUALITY EYELASH: these real mink lashes are made of 100% Siberian Mink Fur, like the natural human lashes, soft and comfortable to wear.

v STRIKING CAT EYE FINISH: A flare-eye 3D Mink Lash designed with both dramatic length and volume that gradually increases from the inner to outer corner for an impressive cat-eye finish.

v THE LASHES IS SUITABLE FOR SPECIAL USE: Suitable for a party or a professional application like a wedding, event, photo shoot, night out use.

v BLACK BAND: Keep the perfect curls all the time. With eyeliner effect, can enlarge your eyes automatically — reusable up to 25 Times.


Usually used for older customers or for those looking for an incredibly natural look. The charm of real mink lies in the fact that it has an inherent quality impossible to obtain with a synthetic material. Real mink eyelashes come from the mink tail, usually Siberian mink or mink from China. With mink extensions, you'll get a light, fluffy and soft natural look. Real mink eyelashes typically last longer because they are very light and allow to apply several extensions of mink using natural eyelashes. The disadvantage of this type of extension is that they are not only expensive, but they are not curly either. The real mink eyelashes must be permanent, and you will have to continue bending them at home so that this look remains wrinkled.

What You Need To Know About Lashes Extensions In Real Mink:

1) The actual extensions of mink eyelashes are absolutely right! Therefore, some features that every stylist must understand not only by himself but also by his customers.

2) This can cause allergic reactions in some people! Just as some people are allergic to cat and horse hair, mink hair can cause problems for the most sensitive client. Make sure your client does not suffer from any of these allergies BEFORE the application and warn him that this could happen. We discover that you have a more satisfied customer even if things do not go as planned if you had warned!

3) It does not stick as well as synthetic lashes! Real hair that sticks to real hair does not seem to go as well as real hair that sticks to synthetic lashes. Depending on how the client uses their lashes, some may last longer than others. Again, we think it is advisable to inform your client in advance that this is possible. As most of them require a lot more application of real mink eyelashes, it's all about educating an interested customer.

And as for the essentials of real mink eyelashes, that's it! Please enjoy using these premium lashes!

To prove how confident we are in our product, we offer a lifetime money back guarantee with every purchase! If you are not completely satisfied with your lashes, we will refund your purchase with no exception!

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