The Five Best Top Epilators for 2019

The normal woman spends 58 days of her life shaving. Fortunately, you already have an ideal solution – epilating.

Epilation is a somewhat favored choice among users because it offers you the most outstanding outcomes, it gives the perfect shine of a shave and the long term convenience of utilizing waxes without the need to try out either of the two alternatives.

Because it's nothing like using a shaving stick or using wax, you do not have to pause for the tuft of hair to sprout to a particular stretch before getting rid of it, it is a lot faster, less painful and a lot less cluttered than utilizing a shaving stick or using waxes.

By using the ideal hair remover for you, your elimination of hair will be fast.


It consists of all that you might require to get rid of undesired hair and simultaneously, it keeps your skin looking flawless.

The Epilator, which is a four- in - one system is made up of the head of the Epilator, a trimming cap and a leader for shaving, a brush for deep exfoliation, a scrub for gentle exfoliating and an accuracy cap. It also arrives with a bag which holds the stand for charging, a cord and a brush for cleaning. It is impervious to water, meaning it can be used on the skin whether it is wet or dry.

It contains two brushes for shedding, one for simple exfoliation and the other for deep exfoliation. It has a smart light so that you don't miss any hair as you're epilating.

The epilator has been dermatologically tested. The head of the epilator is 40% wider than other epilators, that is to say, it collects a lot of hairs on the first work, and it works pretty well whether dry or wet. It contains forty tweezers that operate at two different speed settings. Its twelve extras depict that it is a bulk, 4-in-1 pamper package that shaves, tones and exfoliates your skin in addition to getting rid of your unwanted hair.

  • Waterproof: Silk-epil can be used on dry or wet skin, even in the bath or shower, where the heat of the water will cause your skin to be less sensitive. If you use it routinely in the shower or tub, you will find that hair removal will become virtually painless.
  • Exfoliation Brushes: There are two brushes that you can use for exfoliation. Gentle exfoliation is ideal for use on the most sensitive areas of your body, even in places where you do not intend to wax, such as the chest. On the other hand, the Deep Body Scrub Brush can be used before and between hair removal sessions to remove dead skin cells and reduce and prevent ingrown hairs. This deep exfoliation head is six times more effective than just using a manual wash for the same job.
  • Massage head: Using this accessory will give you a message that is significantly deeper than a conventional body brush. This will provide you with more circulation, which means you can visibly improve the tone and appearance of your skin.


We like the ease with which this Silk-Epil 9 is found. Just click on the desired connection head and start; it will be smooth as silk in no time. Once you have finished, you can quickly clean your epilator; It comes with a small brush to remove hair dust. Besides, it is completely washable and can even be washed with running water.


  1. Waterproof
  2. Effective on extremely short hair.
  3. Easy to clean
  4. It can be used wet or dry.
  5. A wide variety of accessories.
  6. polyvalent
  7. Load quickly


The Emjoi Soft Caress is a gorgeous and lush Epilator that takes the second place on our list of top five best epilator.

It consists of thirty-six tweezers which are coated with twenty-four carat of gold.

It has protection against the growth of microbes like bacteria, it eliminates hair without any form of difficulty, and it does so very easily

 Although it is not advised to be used on wet skin, it is capable of removing hairs which are just 0.5 millimeters when stretched and it has a mild nature which makes it very suitable for delicate areas.

You do not need to epilate for about five weeks because it keeps your skin glossy throughout, however, if you decide that you need to carry it out, it can be placed merely inside your travel bag.

The Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator mixes the innovation of simpleness with a hint of inexpensive comfort and perfect protection, supplying you with an epilator which is easy to handle, uncomplicated to learn and mild in the body makes it one of the top five best epilators.

It is packed in a simple pouch which can be carried while traveling. It can be utilized with a cord or without one.


You will find this epilator very easy to use.

Although the amount of gadget attachments is not as high as the other models we have reviewed, it is much easier to trace parts and travel.

The speed settings are conveniently managed by sliding the button to one side, and you feel comfortable in your hand.

Soft hair removal

You can use this epilator all over the body and even in some regions of the face (for example, to lose the hair on your upper lip or chin, we recommend that you do not use it for the eyebrows).

Other models that we have examined, this makes it more suitable for the most sensitive regions of the body, like the underarms and bikini.

This is especially the issue when you consider your patented "pain reduction technology" and the massage finger that you can attach.


The curved design is an excellent solution to get hard hairs when you are at awkward angles!

Complete your natural curves and even get 0.5mm bristles. It is easy to clean with the brush provided and thanks to the antimicrobial technology, and you can rest peacefully bearing in mind that you are using a sterile device.

It can not be used in the bathroom or shower because it is not waterproof, but we like the fact that it is hypoallergenic and with antimicrobial protection, which, in our opinion, makes up for it.

You can not take it in the shower!


  1. Antimicrobial protection
  2. hypoallergenic
  3. Ideal for sensitive skin.
  4. Luxury tweezers gold plated 24ct.
  5. Useful to eliminate very short hairs.
  6. Compact to travel
  7. Results up to 6 weeks
  8. Use with or without cable.
  9. Gentle but effective
  10. Double speed controls
  11. Use it on your body and a little hair on your face.


  1. Not waterproof
  2. One attachment
  3. No head shaving
  4. Fewer grippers compared to other models


Another very high rated epilator is the Braun Face 851 that deserves to belong the top five best epilators, and it is most often regarded as the Face spa.

On our list the Braun Face 851 stands at the third place under the top five best epilator.

This epilator is a fantastic miniature device which assists you in remaining cleanly shaven.

It was created to trim and eliminating hair on the top lip, the jaws, any form of facial hair, to care for your brows and some others, the hair on the temple.

It gets rid of hair very quickly, correctly and it handles that part of the body very tenderly.

Along with the gear, the package comes with the head of the epilator, a cap for protection, for brushes for the face which include a regular brush, a very delicate brush, a brush for exfoliation, a beauty brush and finally a brush to tidy up the gear after use.

Although a battery energizes it, it doesn't fail to give you the spa treatment which you deserve, it gives you a perfect hair removal, and at the same time, it cleans your pores.



The Panasonic shaver and emulator ES-ED90 is such a trendy choice among the users of epilators that it has found its way unto our top five best epilators.

It is a fantastic gadget to get rid of even the shortest and smallest hair on the face.

As a result of the small size, it can be carried around almost everywhere because it also fits inside a bag

This gadget comes with six extensions in each packaging which includes, ahead for shaving, a double disc expiration head, tender epilator head, epilator tender cap, a swimsuit comb and finally, a pedicure screen.

All of this is neatly packed into a small bag which can be taken along while traveling.

 This gadget also permits you to mix in some of your preferred bath gel to make the elimination of the hair a lot smoother and comfortable.


This device is straightforward to use.

The different heads adhere and separate quickly, and the caps fit perfectly.

The double-disc hair removal head covers a wide area and adapts to the natural contours of your body as it moves to the surface of the skin to gather hair.

The razor's broad head allows you to shave large areas quickly, and the automatic mower is a great addition.


  1. Use wet or dry
  2. Large areas for hair removal and shaving.
  3. Use with products
  4. Hypoallergenic razor
  5. Ideal for sensitive skin.
  6. 100% waterproof
  7. Washable
  8. Pedicure accessory
  9. Integrated light

It is an excellent complete system for hair removal, and a great option if you are looking for a device that will soften your feet.

It comes with a wide variety of accessories, and we love to use shaving products or soap to soothe the sensations of hair removal.

It is an excellent option if you have sensitive skin but want more lasting hair removal.


This is a product made by Philips, and it is ranked on our list of top five best epilators because it is their quickest epilation device, it has a lot of more power in comparison to other gadgets, and it eliminates even shorter hairs, giving a smooth finish.

This product is the fifth product on our top five best epilators, It can be used to get rid of hairs on the legs, bikini line and it can also be used to remove facial hair.

It is packed in a set along with five other accessories to ensure that you are delighted with the outcomes.

The accessories included in the collection are, ahead for shaving and a trimming comb, an epilating head, cares for tender areas and the face.

All of this comes with a bag to carry along whenever you decide to travel.

It removes hair very smoothly and quickly, and it eliminates an immense amount of hair with a single glide of the gadget.

It gets rid of a lot of hair at the initial guide; however, it treats the skin very mildly.

It can cut hair as low as 0.2 inches, so you do not have to hold on till the hairs grow very long before getting rid of them.


The Philips Satinelle Advanced is very easy to use. The heads fit easily, and the covers fit comfortably on the top.

The s-shaped handle is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and is cozy to hold.

This gives you full control and the best reach, no matter what area of the body you are treating.

You will find that you get the best results if you hold the device at a 90 ° angle to the surface of your skin.

It has a non-slip grip that allows you to optimize your use, whether you choose to be wet or dry.


The lithium-ion battery will only take an hour and a half to charge completely but will leave you up to 40 minutes of running time.

However, it can give you a fast charge, which only takes 5 minutes to increase the usage time.

The patented ceramic disk system is exceptionally efficient and lifts and eliminates unwanted hair.

You can choose between two-speed settings: if you are less tolerant of pain or have sensitive skin, you can choose the slowest speed.


  1. Use wet or dry
  2. Remove even 0.5mm bristles.
  3. Opti light
  4. Hats for the face and delicate areas.
  5. Extra large epilator head (30 mm)
  6. Shaving head with a cap


Now you must have gotten a better understanding of hair removal and the model to use.

There are many things to consider: dry or wet hair, a drawing for your body or just your face.

Hair removal is a fantastic way to keep hair free for weeks.

Waxing has many benefits, but that's why you do not have to wait for hair to grow between sessions.