How Much Does a Full Body Wax Cost?

If you are in search of a different appearance or a way to switch up your look, then a full body wax is a step you should think about taking.

Waxing really helps to increase one's poise, and it helps to boost your boldness, primarily if the problem is that your hair grows too much too fast.

There are a few parameters that you need to understand if you have never been through the process of full-body wax.

This article will provide you with a little understanding of how the process of a full-body wax goes and the things to expect from some — particular places.

What Are The Factors That Decide The Costs of a Full Body Wax?

A few factors which should be considered that will ultimately decide how much a full body waxing session will cost include;

  • The Spa Which You Decide To Visit

The spa you decide to visit is an essential factor that fixes the price. 

Every resort differs in the sense that, they all utilize different methods, a few have individual proposals, and the quality of equipment which is used for the process of the full body waxing is essential to consider.

The cost depends on the quality of the services and the popularity of the Spa.

  • The Qualifications Of The Cosmetologist.

The Qualifications Of The Cosmetologist is another essential condition that needs to be considered to estimate the cost of full body wax.

Cosmetologists with higher qualification are most certainly going to cost a lot more than the cosmetologist with lower skills, and this is as a result of the final results when waxed by them.


Some spas offer some membership plans to their customers, and this is also another substantial factor that influences the cost.

The kind of membership plan the customer is given depends solely on your loyalty or the number of times you've had your sessions.

The membership plans usually have a certain percentage off and might have exclusive offers which can be used a given number of times in the stated period.

This way you save more costs.


The types of various facilities at the spa you choose to go also affects the cost of full body wax.

A few spas have a sauna which you can decide to use and that will add to the cost.

The prices might also depend on the quantity of hair present on the skin.


Finally, the site of the spa, like the country or state will affect because if the expense of living in the area is high, then the cost of your wax session will be high.

  • An Estimate Of The Price

A full body wax is generally known to take some time to get done, and there is a lot of tasks to accomplish, so it does not come at a low cost.

There is usually quite a bit of work to be done, so it isn’t always cheap.

Usually, you can expect to pay $150-$350 depending on the factors above. Remember that these prices are just a rough estimate.

Drop into your nearest salon for a more exact estimate as they’ll usually give a very close approximation to the cost.

The cost can vary a lot depending on whether you’re a man or a woman.

E.g., if you’re a very hairy man who wants his back waxing, it’ll be a long job, perhaps up to 1 hour.

On the other hand, if you’ve only got fine lighter hair, the whole process could be done in 10 minutes.

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The Full Body Wax package consists of a Complete hard Wax, waxing all parts of the legs, waxing the area under the arms and the area above the top lip.

This means that requesting for a full body wax implies that all the above areas will be waxed. Other parts can be included; however, you might need to pay a small price.

This could take at most, thirty minutes which will depend on the customer's requests.

Hard wax is applied on the skin and hair is removed from around the pubic region.

This session takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes depending on the person.

Ladies usually begin by laying on their back as the cosmetologists apply the wax to the front region and put on their stomach while the hair around the inner buttocks area is removed.

This leaves you feeling smooth and typically lasts from 3-4 weeks.

The more often you wax, the thinner your hair will come back and the longer you can stay between waxing.

Upper lip: The wax is applied to your upper lip region and then gently pull out.

UnderArm: For underarm, the client begins by laying on their back on the waxing table and raising their arm.

Then either hard or soft wax will be applied to the underarm area, then removed. Finish by clearing and tweezing the skin to get rid of the wax using baby oil.

Legs: The entire leg will be covered with wax and then removed accordingly.

The bottom line: If you decide to get a Full Body Wax, it will demand you to be in the buff before a stranger.

However, please bear in mind that the esthetician is an experienced, and trained professional who has done this treatment countless times.

If you have ever considered the idea of getting a Full Body Wax but were not sure due to your modesty or the pain, go ahead and give it a try!

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Smooth all over vs. aching all over

After a full body wax, the body of the customer will be as smooth as ever after only the first visit.

According to reports, a lot of customers have testimonies that after a single full body wax session, knowing that they have eliminated all the hair on their skin, it boosts their self-confidence.

Although, the confidence boost comes at a cost.

The process of the full body wax is disconcerting and hurtful.

Since some clients cannot manage to handle the pain, they would slightly lessen the length of the session.

A full body wax is not a problem to a few other people because it is not a painful experience for them.

Aestheticians can advise their customers to make use of pain relief pills before the scheduled date of the full body wax session.

Aestheticians must also inform the client how to treat the waxed areas after the session so that they can avoid any form of contamination, Bumps and skin irritation.

Uniform hair removal vs. Uneven hair growth

One session of a full body wax does not give the assurance that the hair in the waxed area will sprout simultaneously because, after a while, the hair will begin to grow quicker in some places.

This is just because the system by which the hair grows is not homogeneous or consistent.

You do not need to bother much about this because as you continue the full body wax, the hair nerves begin to lose their strength and the growth of hair is slower and weaker, producing fragile hair.

A single appointment vs. several appointments

A single appointment is one for a full body wax, and it saves more time than booking several appointments to various wax areas of the skin.

Most clients prefer a single appointment because it doesn't clash with their schedules; once it is done, it is done.

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