Can You Reuse Fake Eyelashes?

Can you reuse fake eyelashes


Fake eyelashes add drama to the makeup look by enhancing the facial features.

Several fake lash lovers dispose their false lashes at the day’s end thinking that they are for single use only.

This is pretty expensive.

And one of the most googled questions is can you reuse fake lashes? 

In fact, false eyelashes are actually made for several wears and can be reused many times.

All it takes to take proper care of and reuse your false eyelashes could be a few moments, and a few common products you most likely have already got at home.


Yes, you can absolutely reuse your fake eyelashes as several times as you want with proper maintenance. Reusing fake lashes is pretty cost saving.


The main question is: what number of times can you reuse your fake lashes with maintenance while still keeping your eyes protected?

The answer: Process.

Cleaning and storing your fake lashes properly can extend their durability and longevity from 1-2  to 3-4 uses (depending on how you handle and care for the lashes).

Regular lashes can be used for an average of 4-5 times, whereas mink eyelashes last longer and may be used many times with proper care.

Fake lashes with thicker bands additionally tend to last longer than those with thinner bands and might be used many more times.

However, it is recommended that you change to a new pair of fake lashes at least every week. 

Trying to stretch out the life of the fake lashes is not advised. 

There is only so much that cleaning your false eyelashes can do after multiple wears.  At the very least, make sure every week.


The following steps will ensure a successful way that you can reuse your false eyelashes.

  • Start by getting your hands clean before getting them to the eyes. Wash your hands with soap and rinse. Bear in mind that the eyes are sensitive, therefore, do not allow detergent to get in your eye... it is not fun.
  • You should start by removing the false lashes gently, begin from the outer corner. Pull evenly and slowly on the false lash until you pull the entire strip away from your skin. Do it on the other eye. Do not pull the individual lashes as this might pull out individual lashes and damage the shape of your fake lashes.
  • Do not apply any makeup or use mascara directly on the fake lashes or because this can make the false eyelashes pretty challenging to clean as well as reduces its lifespan.
  • Clean your fake eyelashes often to ensure the safety of your eyes from bacteria as well as to maintain the condition of your false lashes.

Here are tips to clean your false eyelashes:

  • To clean your false lashes, Get your cotton ball and soak in coconut oil or an eye makeup remover and swipe it through the full length of your false lashes to get rid of any eyeliner or mascara residue. Delicately rub each side of your eyelashes and also along its adhesive strip.
  • Flip the lash over and repeat the above process.
  • Use your tweezers to remove excess glue that is remaining on your fake lash strip. Hold the hairs of the lash and softly pick out the glue residues, being mindful of the real lashes and the lash strip.
  • Dip a cotton ball in an alcohol solution and wipe through the fake lash strip. This can get rid of any final glue residues and additionally disinfect it for the next use. Your eye is overly sensitive, thus, leftover eye makeup or glue particles can cause irritation to it.
  • Avoid getting your fake lashes wet. They are not compatible with water; hence it will destroy them. No matter the make they are. You may drop your false lashes in a bowl of makeup remover to actually get them clean. You can leave them for an hour to dissolve excess glue and makeup.
  • Allow the fake eyelashes to air dry. You don’t wish to place your lashes away whereas they’re still wet or they'll become musty or damaged before the next use. Place the lashes on a piece of towel, and allow them to air dry for fifteen or twenty minutes

Congrats! Your false eyelashes are ready to be stored until your next use.


Part of the battle of maintaining your lashes for reuse is storage.

Keep the plastic container that came along with the lashes. 

You don’t need to purchase a  package, tho' -- save the plastic case that holds the lashes, further because the receptacle with the half-moon shapes for the lashes to curve around.

If you misplace or lose the packaging from your lashes, you'll be able to purchase reusable cases from beauty stores and online sites.

They usually hold two or more lashes; therefore you'll be able to store all of your lashes in one place

Bend the lashes around the trays and shut the package.

Take and place the dry lashes on the half-moon trays, bending them slightly to suit the curve so that they hold their form.

Next, place the receptacle within the plastic case and shut the container, therefore the lashes are shielded from dirt, dust, and debris.

Endeavor to get rid of any extra liquid before putting the lashes back in the container. 

In many cases, you can just put the fake eyelashes back in the package that they came in and hold the bands’ form.

Storing the false lashes back in their box can help to maintain their curve and will make for easier application and reuse.

Whatever you choose to keep your fake eyelashes in, ensure they're in very closed packaging. If you leave them out on the toilet counter or open places, they will collect dirt, and you know what that means... Can lead to eye infections.

Keep the mink lashes within a dark, cool location.

When the fake lashes are in their packaging, it’s necessary to store them within the right spot.

Heat and powerful light will warp the lashes; therefore you ought to keep them in the dark, cool place, like a dresser drawer, till you wish to reuse the fake lashes.

Avoid keeping your eyelashes within the bathroom, because it regularly gets hot and wet.


If you wish to get the uttermost wear out of your false eyelashes, choose mink lashes with a thick band and mink lashes Australia because they have a tendency to be additional durable than synthetic eyelashes and those with thinner bands.

With the detailed tips above, you should be able to reuse your fake eyelashes till your satisfaction while being mindful of the safety of your eyes.

In answer to the question: can you reuse your fake eyelashes? Yes, you can be able to reuse your fake lashes.