Best Romantic Bear Wow Long Lasting Lip Color

Best Romantic Bear Wow Long Lasting Lip Color

I will make one of the most intriguing product reviews on Romantic bear wow long lasting lip color. I was so thrilled when I first came across the product on Instagram and made the decision to try it out myself.

So I logged on to internet and made the order online. After waiting some few weeks for the product to arrive, here is my review on the Romantic bear wow long lasting lip color.

Note: The consistency of this product is quite sticky so you might need to take extra care during application of the colours. I actually made use of a brush because I found it difficult to create sharp lines using the applicator.


We are in the modern era with many fashion ideas and concepts coming up daily and fashionistas like me wanting to do things fast to be able to meet up with other life activities.

It is quite fascinating that someone came up with the concept of staining our lips with sweet colours. This concept gives the lips that natural look without the usual cakey feels gotten from casual lipsticks and it is just the perfect thingy for young girls.

Lip stains or tattoos have been in the market for years now and the trend has been growing by the day with more acceptance by the people it was targeted at.

A lot of companies have developed their own concepts and it is interesting to note that I just found out about this on Instagram where I purchased a certain lip tattoo at a great discount and I realized there are a whole lot of them on the market.

I actually over time experimented with a whole lot, which is normal for a makeup lover. But the pressure from friends to make a review on what some of them considered the raving product of the moment; I decided to write on Romantic bear wow.






Though the prices of lip tattoos vary with the manufacturer, you can get some for as much as $10 and even higher. But the one I ordered actually goes for $7.


The Romantic bear wow long lasting lip color comes originally in 6 different shades:

  • Cherry Red
  • Sweet Orange
  • Lovely Peach
  • Rose pink
  • Sexy red
  • Watermelon


The product is packaged in color tubes and the caps are indicators of the tattoo colours in the tube. The size of the tube is 15 grams. When the cap is removed, you will be able to see the slanted tip applicator, which is meant for the application of the tattoo.


The scent in the tube is not so strong, but quite perceivable and once the liquid has dried off the scent vanishes. The texture on the other hand, is a sticky liquid, just exactly like the feel of a peel off face-mask.


Like I mentioned earlier, there are 6 shades of the products, but I will be given a description of the 3 shades I ordered for.


The lovely peach comes in a pink colour and the impart gives a light pink tone.

Though I would have loved that this shade was a little bit deeper as it appears fading already from the time of application. If you are the type that feels good with something light, then you can go for this shade.


I don’t so much fancy this shade and I am not going to be buying it any longer. The impart is more like an ugly orange shade that is already tending towards yellowness. The appearance is more like a fading mehndi stain.


This appears to be my favourite colour as the tattoo it imparts gives this natural red tinge, which looks so genuine, giving the face an instant perk. I would have also loved to purchase the other variant of red too, The Sexy Red.


By now you should have understood that this is a peel-off product and it can seem gloopy. If you are using them for the first time, it can be quite messy and leave you frustrated. But it is just normal for a newbie; you will perfect the application with the 2nd use.

In time past, when the product started gaining trends, users would try to use lip brushes to apply them, but what I discovered was that it was even difficult to apply using that, so I didn’t even accommodate that idea at all.

I mentioned that applicator earlier. It can be found at the end just as it is on lip glosses. O there is no difficulty in applying the product on your lips.

I actually don’t have a problem making use of the product, but in my honest review I think the makers should make the applicator smaller to allow people with thinner lips use them conveniently.

Make sure you don’t allow the product get into your mouth, at least for the following reasons.

  1. Depending on the shade you purchase, a single stain in your mouth can make your gums appear to be bleeding
  2. The taste can be so disgusting. It is nothing serious though, but I consider it vile. Though this can be ignored, but I already find it tolerable when it happens, though it doesn’t taste nice anyways.


Though it is not written on the tube when the peel should be removed from the lips, but from experience, you can peel after 5-10 minutes. Although this will depend on how much of the product you apply on the lips.

During application of the products on the lips, they sometimes can pop out so quickly that a mess is left on your lips and even have more than is needed. This will surely give you more time to wait for the item to dry.

What I do most of the time is to apply them as the last activity in my beauty routine. This will allow me more time to engage in other house activities pending when it dries off: I could take my time to do some light washing, take time in the loo, and send text messages to some people - just any activity that will ensure that you don’t make use of your lips.

And remember that it is not much of an item that you can use on the go, especially when you are in an emergency situation to look glam. I could use the item at work, but I wouldn’t want colleagues to start wondering what in the heavens I am passing through on earth.


These lip tattoos are great and I love them so much. Though I came across some other ones after making further researches, but I think all women should try the Romantic bear wow long lasting lip color.

The fun of the product is in the waiting for it to dry and then the sweet pleasure of the result after peel-off. Although the application on its own can be considered messy, but the end tattoo it leaves is just so fascinating and I love just that.

The product is good in summer time when you don’t have the passion to go for lipsticks or lip glosses. And one other advantage is that you can even give your lips a shinier look by applying lip balms, especially if you are not so fond of the matte look.

One thing I also cherish most about the product is the fact that it stays for a longer time and it is non-trasferable. The colour on your lips will stay in place for at least 5 hours, except if you get yourself involved in serious drinking and eating.

Though some of my friends I recommended the product to, gave feedbacks on it lasting for as long as 12 hours. In all, that will depend on the activities that you engage in with your lips.

Though one thing I don’t fancy about the product is the uneven distribution of colours: the upper lip mostly gets a lighter shade than the lower lip.

As for the color variants, they are great, but the one I don’t seem to fancy is the Sweet orange. I really consider it quite ugly


Of course, I will definitely recommend the Romantic bear wow long lasting lip color to anyone that is willing to try out something new.

Though over time, I have come across other products, but the Romantic bear wow still comes to me as the product of choice as they last longer on the lips than the other brands.

And what I do after applying them is to coat my lips with either lip balms or Vaseline to leave them more shiny and soft. Sexy!!!

With a minimum purchase price of average $6 across most platforms, you will be a good investment on yourself that will surely stand you out among your peers.

So, what all these knowledge, what are still waiting for to make a beauty statement everywhere you go? Click here to buy now!